Supporting churches in their worship ministry by encouraging the development of new worship leaders’

Our Vision

To support and encourage young adults in their potential role as worship leaders.

To teach about the role of worship leading particularly, but not confined to, contemporary worship.

To give practical support to young adults in developing their musical skills in worship leading.

To provide training, experience and opportunities to lead worship with excellence.

Beginning in September 2019

It will consist of 2 main elements

1: An introduction to Leading Praise Worship Course: This 7-part theory course will introduce each learner to the basic requirements and skills of leading sung worship in a church and ministry setting as well as the essential biblical imperatives behind it.

On the completion of this course each participant will have the opportunity to apply for the Worship Mentoring stream.

2: A Worship Mentoring Stream: This 6-month scheme will partner each young adult with an experienced worship leader who will provide, on a monthly basis, tuition and advice as they develop in their skills.

As part of this the mentor will also practically assist each young adult develop a worship project that they will take a lead role in and be assessed on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

The Worship Leaders' Training Programme is open to all young adults aged 16-25 who feel that they may be called into a role as a worship leader.

What Skills Are Needed?

Applicants for the course will need to have a basic ability* in two areas:
1. Singing
2. Instrument (Preferably guitar or keyboard) or knowledge of music theory.

*If you have any questions about what this means please get in touch.

What is the Cost?

Cost for the Introduction to Leading Worship Course is £75 and this includes materials and the residental overnight.

Cost for the Worship Mentoring Stream is £95

The School of Worship is organised and part-funded through the Church of Ireland but is open to all. There is a bursary available for applicants who cannot afford the course cost. Please indicate on application.

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Introduction to Leading Praise Worship Course: All evening meetings will be on Tuesday's beginning at 7pm in the HUB student chaplaincy, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast. The overnight will be from 7:30pm - 4pm - Venue TBC.

24 September // Introduction Evening
8 October // The biblical Model of Worship
11 - 12 October // Residental // Characther of a Worship Leader + Know Your direction - becoming a spirit lead worship leader
22 October // Know your Context - Worship that is Appropriate
5 November // Know Your Skill-Set - Growing in your Musicianship
19 November // Know your Team - Building and working with a band effectively
3 December // Worship Celebration and Introduction Course Finish

December 2019 - July 2020

Worship Mentoring Stream: This element of the training will allow emerging worship leaders from the course to avail of the opportunity to partner with an experienced worship leader who will mentor them for up to 8 months.

The mentoring stream may also include:
Opportunities to 'shadow' your worship mentor at worship Events, conferences, rehearsal etc and to lead alongside your worship mentor.
One on one advice on leading worship and leading in a ministry context.
Monthly tution and coaching sessions devolping instruments, voice, or musicality.

Worship Project

Essential to worship leadership will be the ability to plan, prepare and deliver their own worship-leading project. This project will be developed with their mentor and in partnership with a local church or other ministry. Each candidate will be supported and evaluated on their delivery of this worship-leading element at an event or service. The project will be tailored to the ability and experience of each candidate and will not take you too far out of your comfort zone!
This project will also act as a completion for the course.

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